If one were to Cosplay as Kankri or even one of the ancestors, how would you do your eyes? I don't mean to sound stupid...

Hmm… I assume you mean how I would white out my eyes, right? (And you don’t sound stupid at all, anon, it’s perfectly okay to ask questions anytime. <3)

You’re in luck, because I’m actually looking into contacts to white my eyes out! I’m planning getting some white mesh ones for my Aranea cosplay. I’m still unsure about WHERE to buy them, and I don’t want to turn you toward a bootleg seller and then have you waste your money… However, this seller looks promising.

But I know contacts aren’t for everyone; my gf can’t wear costume contacts, for example. So for those who can’t do contacts, I’d say just let your eyes alone. Photoshopping them white is an easier alternative and is always always safer than using contacts. And in the case that you don’t have photoshop to white out your eyes, I recommend asking around to see if someone can shop it for you! (Which I am willing to do if I’m not too busy!)

19 February 2013 at 4:13pm with 11 notes
  1. jonpoo said: My friends and I get contacts from, they have a huge variety and have been reliable. uwu
  2. serketbreaker said: I should add the pictures on the site are very accurate.
  3. takisiski said: My bf has those and they’re nice I have problems with them cause my eyes are sensitive but people with normal eyes seem to be alright :”D
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